Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pattern 01: Claudia Skirt - changed

I went to the countryside this weekend, but during that time I was thinking about my failed skirt and how I might be able to actually change it. There you go, fixed it:

(Yes, I know, this is not the best-fitting blouse.)

My biggest problem was the amount of fabric that was gathered around my hip, it just didn't look right, even though I already had chosen the smallest pattern size.(I'm a tiny person:161cm/ 5'3ft tall.) I kind of knew how to change it but I would need to take apart the whole skirt for that. I had to cut 8cm away from the original rectangular pattern piece for the front and the back of the skirt, gather it and sew it all together again. I was a bit hesitant to do it at first, but I couldn't wear that first skirt anyway, so why not take it apart and try again.The waistband was also a tiny bit to big, so it was resized as well.

And do you remember that invisible zipper with the rounded corners, that I messed up somehow? This part of a sewalong by Sewaholic helped me understand it better. I had not folded the zipper around to the inside, so there was no neat square corner. But now there is one:

I'm actually quite happy with it now. It's not perfect of course, but wearable and I'm proud that I was able to save it. Next week I'll be working on a freelance job with a tight deadline, so I'm not sure if I'll have time to start sewing something new. The next thing will probably be a wallet anyway (my old one is falling apart)and I'm not sure that this is something worth posting about.


  1. Hi Maike! The skirt looks just great now and fits very well, what a great job! As a fellow illustrator and crafter, I'm really enjoying this new blog of yours. I'm an avid knitter (sometimes pattern writer) I'm thinking I should separate that from my illustration work and make a knitting blog.

    I've never used a sewing machine before, I've just sewbn some things by hand, but next month I'm taking a basic sewing class and I'm super excited!!

    1. Hi Julia! Yes, I didn't want to mix it with my normal tumblr, I wanted to give people a choice if they want to follow my sewing adventures or not. ;) So definitely, make a knitting blog, (which I would follow as I also want to learn how to knit complex things.) I've only knitted scarfs so far.

      Oh nice! I wanted to take a sewing class as well, but all classes that I found were already fully booked until January and I was eager to start now because I already bought my sewing machine for some pillows for our home. So I just jumped into it. It's really not so hard if you go slow and follow the instructions to get to know the techniques. (The second time I sewed the skirt I already managed to sew it better.)I'm hooked now, but I have to be careful not to "waste" all my money on fabrics, hahaha!