Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pattern 01: Claudia Skirt - nearly finished

First of all, I have to admit, that it was a bad idea not to make a muslin for this skirt. "Why should I, it's just a simple skirt!" I told myself. I probably could have already seen the fit-problems that I'm having now. Lesson learned.

It was fun to learn all those new things. It was a bit tricky sometimes e.g. inserting the invisible zipper and the corner which is round and not squarish unfortunately as you can see in the photo. But all in all very interesting and enjoyable.

(This waistband is so messed up!)

I didn't expect this skirt to be anywhere near good, because it's the first item I've sewn for myself, but I didn't think that the gathering would be bad decision for my silhouette.(I haven't figured out yet what shape I am...). At least with this rather stiff fabric. Or maybe it's because I failed at spreading the gathers evenly. The waistband could be a bit slimmer, but otherwise it's okay. I'm thinking about taking the skirt apart and getting rid of some of the fabric, that makes it feel like I have a huge bottom. Not sure yet, but it's interesting to think about how I could make it better.

So it would consider this a failed project in case of wearability but a win in learning experience.

What I have to remember for my next project:
1.Not so much gathering at the waistband, it looks not good on me. -> less fabric is better
2.Pleats are nice but the fabric becomes a bit stiffer in that area
3.Practise invisible zippers, so they look nice and neat!
4.Buy enough thread.

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