Saturday, 9 November 2013

Fabricshopping for the weekend

That didn't go so well.

Okay I don't mean the fabrics and wool skeins above. No, I mean the needles that I bought to knit beautiful mittens in purple and yellow on the weekend.

I bought the wrong needle size.

Sometimes I'm really annoyed by myself, especially when something like this happens.

When the fabrics which I mentioned in my earlier post didn't arrive on Saturday I decided to go to the local fabric store to buy some wool to knit mittens and look for a neutral fabric for the Kelly Skirt I was planning as my next pattern. The pattern for the mittens called for a size 1 (US) and I checked before what that meant in European needle sizes. What I thought to remember was: 2-3. So I looked for wool and found those lovely colors above (the colors in the photo are slightly off) and the suggested needlesize was 3-3,5. Great, I thought, I guess I can take needles size 3 with these wool skeins.

The gauge that I knitted is way to big. Because the needle size US 1 is a 2,25 in Germany and the difference between those two seems to be a big deal in the knitting world. So no knitting on the weekend.
I also won't be able to start with my kelly skirt as I didn't find a good lining fabric for the pockets and that's, of course, exactly what the pattern starts with. So no sewing tomorrow either. I'm already experiencing sewing/knitting deprivation (and I just started this hobby!), let's hope it doesn't get worse.;)


  1. oooh, i'm very excited that you've started knitting! are you following any particular mitten pattern? feel free to holler at me if you have any knitting questions!

    1. Hi Eliza!
      Thanks so much for the offer, I'll definitely have some questions sooner or later!
      Yes, I'm following one from Brooklyn Tweed (, because I kind of found them by accident and bought the pattern. And then I found Ravelry and all the other great patterns! But I'm probably not patient enough for knitting. I already made so many mistakes (my tension is awful with two yarns, I should practise that) and I haven't finished even one of the mittens. That's probably because I don't have the time right now.

      But your projects on your blog are really beautiful, so I definitely want to get better at it. So I'll practise, practise, practise!

    2. haha! well you definitely jumped into the deep end with that project! have you got the proper sized needles now? don't worry too too much about tension, a little variation can be smoothed out by blocking in post!

      i know what you mean about patience, i actually feel the same way about sewing! all those muslims you *ought* to make before getting to start on the real thing? all that careful patient washing, ironing, and cutting before you can start seeing the project come together? ah, i have not conquered any of that....

    3. Yes, I knoiw! I should have started with solid colors mittens. But I did a cable scarf once and didn't find it too hard, so I thought I could try two colors.
      I think I have the right yarn and needles now. (I had to buy new yarn too...)
      Oh, I didn't know about the blocking! I just thought everyone beside me was great with tension. Haha! Very interesting!

      Oh if you are confident enough you can just sew the thing together and change it then, but I'm not good enough yet. The muslins are a simple way for me to practise the technique and figure out fitting solutions. I find it quite interesting and helpful. But I only practise with the 2€-fabric from ikea, so I don't feel like I'm wasting fabric and money... Usually the fabrics are quite expensive here in Germany.