Monday, 4 November 2013

Pattern 02: Wiksten Tank - 2 1/2 Muslins

(My boxer-puppy wanted to help me model my muslins apparently.)

The first problem with this pattern was a gaping neckline. And I didn't mean a little bit... it gaped a lot.Unfortunately I didn't take a photo, because I was so annoyed by it, that I immediately tried to fix it and didn't think about documenting it. But I used the solution that Rae told us about on her blog "Made by Rae" and it worked! The rest seemed to be okay so I just went on sewing the whole garment together. Which resulted in Muslin N°1:

The first try wasn't so bad actually. The armseye was a bit to tight for my taste, the neckline was sticking out from the body and there was a bit to much fabric in the back. As I'm not sure how to fix the last point yet, I hope that it will be not such a big problem if the fabric drapes better than this stiff ikea cotton. Fixing the armseye wasn't such a hard thing to do, but I couldn't think of anything how to sew a better neckline. Off I went to google some neckline binding tutorials and I found the one by Jen from Grainline very helpful. She mentioned that she topstitches, clips and grades the neckline seamallowance to get a better result. So I tried that with my next muslin:

Unfortunately that didn't seem to be the reason for my problem. I was still doing something wrong as it was still sticking out a lot, if not even more than before. The armholes and neckline were looking awful so again I was searching the internet for solutions to my problem and I nearly gave up until I found this comment under a tutorial on craftsy: (Source:Craftsy)

I was stretching the bias tape the whole time when I was pinning it to the neckline.
I really hoped that would be the reason so I cut a mini muslin just for the neckline to practise and test out this theory. I was very careful and it seemed to work:

I'm still waiting for my fabric to arrive, which means I might be able to show you the finished tank later this week or next week.

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