Sunday, 24 November 2013


My Wiksten Tank is currently on my newly started UFO-pile as I had some troubles with the neckline again and had no time to do some more research to figure out what could be the mistake.

So I started my Kelly Skirt. I followed the instructions closely while sewing my muslin and I definitely should have considered this as my first pattern, because it was really easy to sew. But then again, I learned a ton of interesting techniques while working on the Claudia skirt, so no harm done.

One of those techniques is Understitching. It was not called for in the instructions of the Kelly Skirt, which is the reason, why I didn't do it on the pocket on the right. See how the lining is peeking out from the "inside"? This could have been prevented by understitching the seam-allowance, so I've done it on the pocket on the left. Much better!

It's really easy, so I wanted to show it quickly to other beginners like me, who might not know this yet.

This is what you start with:

You've sewn both front and lining together. The next thing of course is to press the seam open and after that towards the lining.

Then you sew the lining and the seamallowance together, very closely to the fold/previous stitching. I used my sewing machine foot as a guide but it's probably 1/8" away from the seam.

This is what it looks from the right and the wrong side. My dog spontaneously decided he wanted to sit on my lap while I'm sewing which he shows by putting his head in my lap. This surprised my a bit of course and that's why my sewing line became a bit wobbly for some parts. Good thing that it's only visible from the inside.

Then you press the pocket lining to the inside where it belongs and you're done. No visible lining pieces!
(The pattern calls for topstitching in the next step, which was not done yet in this photos.)

I hope that helped!

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