Saturday, 8 November 2014

Jade skirt embroidery

I felt a bit bad, that I didn't have an illustration for the jade skirt, so I decided to try out embroidery.

I didn't have a clue what I was doing, I just experimented on the whole thing. I also just had two colors. But sometimes I like to do things without any knowledge beforehand... it's very freeing, because you're not afraid to do the wrong thing as you don't know what's the right way to do it. So this is probably very ugly to embroidery-lovers, but I had fun for the past evenings.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Paprika Pattern's Jade skirt

Whoops, what happened with your wall you might ask. Well we're renovating our bedroom and it turned out to be the perfect backdrop and sunny room for the first Pattern the "Jade Skirt" by Paprika Pattern. The wallpaper-removing-action is also the reason why I didn't have time to draw an illustration for this pattern unfortunately. Maybe I can do that later.

I was already aware that I'm a fan of mini skirts but this one is truly awesome. Super comfortable and it has a lovely and interesting front through the folds even though it's a solid fabric. Plus it's super easy to sew, I put it together in one evening! And the third positive thing about it: it's not shifting up my legs. I don't know if it's the fabric or the weight of it (it's lined with the same fabric, so it's a bit heavier than other jersey skirts that I own)but it stays where it's supposed to.

I made version A without the zipper in size 2, but took it in slightly at the side seams in the fitting stage, maybe about 0,5cm on both sides. The underside of the folds is probably not very pretty, because I tried what worked best for securing the folds. No one will see it anyway. In the end it was best to put the needle in the left position and use a triple stretch stitch close to the fold instead of the zig-zag. The fabric is a knit with good recovery that I had in my stash since spring, when I went to my first fabric market. I always wanted to make a jade out of it, so I waited patiently for the pattern to be released.

You can get it on a "pay what you want"-basis on their website. As I am a freelancer myself I personally pay a decent price for the hard work of putting a pattern together, but it's completely your decision how much you want to give.
I already tested it out, when I was out with my boyfriend to have dinner and I love it. It's also possible to wear it with more casual shoes in my lazy not-doing-anything-days because it's so comfortable! I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Finished: The Nascha Mini Skirt

I got my machine back!

I have no idea what the sewing machine guys did with it, but I works so well again. Oddly enough... I can sew slower than I could before. I'm not complaining though, it's nice to have a little more control.

On to the Nascha Mini skirt, in grey as you probably already figured out because of my illustration two days ago!
The pattern is from the company Named from Finland run by two sisters, which should be well known by now. I bought one of their patterns before but didn't find a good jersey to sew with. But when I saw their new patterns I definitely fell in love with the Wenona shirt and this little Miniskirt called Nascha.

Unfortunately I haven't found any other bloggers who sewed this skirt yet... I usually like to read experiences other people had with a pattern so I can decide if I'am able to do this. But I took the jump and didn't regret it. I think this is a very cool basic, very flattering skirt pattern.

During the construction process of the toile I've run into some trouble, because I missunderstood the constructions a little bit. It was a Friday evening when I wrote an email to the sisters of Named and I immediately got a response on Saturday. It was weekend after all, so I didn't expect them to respond to customers so early. But they were super friendly and helpful, so a big thumbs up for that!

After that it took a while until I could find the time to sew again and I did want to take my time to do everthing right and neat. Everyday I sewed around 1-3 steps of the construction process until I finished it and I'm super proud of the final garment! It's not perfect as this was my first exposed zipper, but I love it anyway.

The fabric and the lining were both from one of those annual fabric markets, so I don't know exactly what they're made of. The lining is acetat, but feels very nice nevertheless. It also has a subtle stripe pattern which I like a lot.

I sewed a size 34 but made some alterations: I added 1 cm in the center back to give some more room for my booty,added 1cm of length to the front dart and also used a 16cm long zipper because I couldn't find a 15cm long one unfortunately. The whole zipper insertion was very fiddly I have to admit. Invisible zippers are no problem but exposed ones are not the easiest to insert when the rest of the skirt is already sewn together and doesn't really want to lie flat on the table. It looks a bit wonky but I managed as you can see.

I do want to try and sew this pattern again, but maybe in a lovely color that's not so grey and next time I will probably use an invisible zipper...or practise exposed zippers to be awesome at them some day!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Nascha Skirt Illu

The Nascha skirt is almost done, I will post it tomorrow or wednesday!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Senna tote and a pencil case

You probably wonder why I didn't blog for some time. There are several reasons for this:

1. The boring tale of my being busy with drawing my comic.

2. After two desastrous outcomes of trying to sew with cheap knitfabrics (don't do it!) I was kind of frustrated and sad and lost my motivation for a while. I tried to sew two of the papercut patterns but both turned out too small, even though I choose exactly the size based on their measurement chart. Next time I try one of their patterns I will choose the bigger size to not be disappointed a third time. I don't want to give up on them yet, as they have so many beautiful patterns!

Also, does anybody have tipps/tutorials for sewing with bias tape and sewing on neckbands? Everything I found so far, didn't eliminate gaping in the front and shoulders, but it might also be my bodyshape...

3.My sewing machine is currently on it's way to the seller, so they can fix the buttonhole problem and another one that made sewing impossible. I hope that doesn't take too long. I was in the middle of sewing a muslin for the Nascha mini skirt...

But after my knit debacle I decided to try something easy and new to get excited about sewing again, so I bought the Senna tote pattern.

I'm still very unsure about fabric descriptions and sometimes buy the wrong ones, which ends in tears and frustration. Therefore I decided to be on the safe side this time and buy the same fabric they used for the example bag. And I'm glad I did! I thought quiltweight means much heavier fabric, but I was super soft and lightweight.

The instructions were super easy to follow and I really enjoyed the whole construction. My machine had no problems sewing together the many layers in the end, but I did use a walking foot so maybe that helped. I managed to match the pattern of the pocket in the front but not in the back due to the irregular yellow part of the pattern. The only change I made was to add an removable long backstrap to the back of the bag to have the option to wear it over my shoulders.

The pencil case was made out of leftover fabric pieces without a pattern, just the usual squares with an additional pocket on the front, to have easy access to some of my pens.

I used some helpful diy tools for some of the construction steps, that I wanted to share. To make sure the topstitching of the straps was straight I taped one of my needlecases on my machine which functioned as a guide. I also used some old piece of wood, that I had lying around (in this case it was the back of my woodcut) as a clapper to receive a nicely pressed seam! Colette explained how to use a clapper well here.

I don't know how long my machine will be away, so I'm not sure when I will be able to finish the Nascha skirt.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Liebster Award

I'm a bit late, but Sew Cro and quilt and the lovely Lindsay from Design by Lindsay nominated me for the Liebster Award, so I want to answer their questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
- I blogged my illustrations before I blogged the garments, but it's besically the same reason, I wanted to show them to people. ;) I very much enjoy seeing the garments of other people, so I wanted to be part of the community.Unfortunately I started sewing/blogging in a very busy year, so I can't sew as regularily as I would like to.

2. What's one sewing fear that you've overcome (knits, zippers, etc.)?
- I don't really have a fear of something, because I usually try everything without really thinking too much about it. So I managed to sew zippers and knits etc. But I weirdly enough never used elastic for the waist of a dress, although I always wanted to try that, because it looks very convenient. So I want to overcome that soon!

3. What type of garment is your favorite to sew? Is it also your favorite type of garment to wear?
- I haven't sewn much yet, but the most fun were the chataigne shorts and I really like to wear them. But I probably like to wear my knit garments more,as I work from home and like it comfortable. But the knit I used for my briar was unfortunately not the best, so I have to find good knit fabrics first, before I sew more items.

4. Do you prefer sewing with indie patterns or traditional patterns?
- I only worked with indie patterns, so I can't say anything to traditional ones. I like that the indie patterns have good instructions, so I could learn while sewing.

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
- I like northern countries, so I want to go to Iceland and Scotland. Luckily I will go to Iceland this autumn!

Sew Cro and Quilt:

1.What is your favorite sewing style?
- modern?

2.What are you favorite colours (yes, you may post more than one)?
- ruby and neutrals like grey and black

3.What type of sewing machine(s) do you have?
- I have a Janome 525S, but the automatic button hole doesn't work. :(

4.If you could live in any era which would you choose?
- a little french cottage with a big garden in the countryside, haha.

5.Who is your current fav garment designer?
-I don't have one.

6.What is your favorite sewing technique?
hmmmm.... I can say what my least favorite thing to sew is: bias tape bindings.
Oh but I like french seams! So easy and so tidy!

7.How did you begin to sew?
I just started it one day, bought a sewing machine and a pdf pattern from the internet and tried it.

8.What item have you sewn that you heart the most?
Again, my chataigne shorts!

9.List your favorite pattern makers.
Megan Nielsen, Deer and doe... and I still want to make something by papercut patterns.

10.Where is your go-to for fabric?
Haven't found it yet.

11.Do you have a Pinterest account and please share?
No I don't have it yet. Maybe in the future!

I don't have new nominations because all of the ones I like already were nominated, but you can check out the lovely sewing blogs in the sidbar. ->
I like them all, they make such beautiful garments!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Darling Ranges finished

Pattern: Darling Ranges dress by Megan Nielsen
Size: XS
Alteration: hidden button placket on the lower part of the dress, back darts, rolled hem

I usually try to photograph my sewing projects as soon as I finish them, because otherwise it takes me forever to blog about them, like with this dress.
Thank you first of all for all your insights and comments on which version of the dress I should sew! I actually wanted to do the version with two fabrics, but didn't find anything suitable in my local fabric shop for the upper part. As I wanted to wear it to my mothers birthday I decided to go the "one-fabric-route" and make it all in this dotted fabric.

When I finished this one I was a bit unsure if I liked it. The dress pattern screamed "old" and "conservative" to me when I tried it on for the first time, but weeks later when I paired it with boots and a belt, all was good.

I was slightly afraid of the bias facing, because it was quite disastrous the last time I used it. A video on craftsy helped me a lot and I was very careful to follow all the steps to get it right this time. Luckily it worked very well! Additionally I added some darts to prevent the back neckline from gaping too much and look at it: a lovely flat neckline for once.

Before I bought the pattern I went through the pinterest boards to get an idea of what the dress could look like sleeveless and I liked it as long as the buttons weren't visible all the way down. So I decided to draft a hidden button placket for the lower part of the dress. Man, was I annoyed after silly me realised that the dress was roomy enough that I would have had the option to omit the buttons completely ... Well at least I know how to sew those hidden button plackets now, right?

The fabric is a dream (super soft and very lightweight), so I hope I'll wear it often in this summer!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Comox trunks

Well, I actually wanted to show you the dress before the end of April, but of course I wasn't able to finish it until then.But the only things which are still missing are the hem and the buttons, so not too much to do.

But I did finish something that month and I took part in my first sewalong as well: the Comox trunks Sewalong by Thread Theory! I love the pattern, it's exactly what my boyfriend wears, so I was very excited to sew them up for him. I had some troubles in finding the right elastic, I bought two that were not right, but then I found a German seller who sells leftovers from underwear production, so the grey one is perfect.

I made some changes after my first version with the help of Morgan: I chose a smaller size, took out a bit of fabric on the back piece and lenghtened the legs so they wouldn't slide up so easily. But there is actually not much more to say about it. It's such an easy project and the perfect shorts pattern!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fabric confusion

Despite sewing a few hours this week, I don't have anything to show yet.Because I'm a bit unsure about fabric choices right now, I just started on making muslins of some patterns (Datura, Belladone) that I bought to practise the techniques and check the fit.
I'm also trying my hands on making a sloper, so this involves some math and making muslins, but so far I only did two muslins and the last one fits quite well already. It's actually more fun than I would have expected. You learn a lot about your body and how patterns actually work and additionally I have to sew a lot of darts, which is good practise too.

But for the sake of an actual project I decided to sew the Darling Ranges dress first, because after the briar I'm really in love with Megans patterns. I plan on making the sleeveless version with the dart cluster at the waist maybe. But I can't really decide on the fabric. I definitely want to use this blue on with the white dots from my visit to the fabric market, but I'm not sure if I should use it for the whole dress or only for the skirt part to present the bodice details better as they will get lost in the first version?

What do you guys think? Version 1 or version 2?

Thursday, 20 March 2014


Pattern: Briar by Megan Nielsen
Fabrics: light-weight viscose knits from the local fabric store

Spring has finally come! To be honest it already started to get very warm in february, but today was the first day one could walk around in a t-shirt.

I finished my briar some time ago, so I decided to enjoy the day and shoot some photos of it. It was probably not the best idea to do that in the middle of the day though, glare of the sun and all. Well, I'm learning, right?

Der Frühling ist endlich da! Mann muss ja sagen, dass er eigentlich schon im Februar begonnen hat, nur wussten die Bäume nicht so wirklich was sie mit den ständigen Schwankungen zwischen kalt und warm anfangen sollten. Zumindest konnte ich heute zum ersten Mal im T-shirt herumlaufen.

Das Briar-shirt habe ich schon vor einer Weile fertiggenäht, aber habe mich erst heute dazu entschieden es zu fotografieren. Es war nur wirklich keine gute Idee das mitten am Tag zu machen, wenn die Sonne grell von oben scheint und diese furchtbaren dunklen Schatten wirft. Aber naja, wieder was gelernt!

I was forced to colorblock again, because I only bought around 50 cm of the violet fabric. I don't know what I was thinking, but apparently I thought this amount of fabric was enough to have the back completely in violet. But of course that wasn't the case.

Ich musste (leider?) wieder farbig unterteilen, da ich nur 50 cm von dem lila-farbenen Stoff gekauft hatte. Ich weiß nicht was ich mir dabei gedacht hatte, aber scheinbar meinte ich, dass diese Menge für ein Rückenteil in lila reichen würde. Hat natürlich nicht geklappt.

I was a bit unsure if the pattern would look good on me but after i finished, I immediately wanted to sew another one in a solid color. It's so comfortable due to the loose fit and the soft fabric makes it even better. Maybe I try to take it in at the sideseams next time, but other than that I love it!
I decided to omit the pocket because the placement was a bit weird and I had some problems with the twinneedle when I wanted to topstitch the pocket. Maybe I also try to take it in at the sideseams next time.

Ich war nicht ganz sicher, ob mir der Schnitt stehen würde, aber nachdem ich es fertig hatte, hätte ich am liebsten gleich noch eins in einer Farbe gemacht. Es ist super bequem aufgrund des lockeren Schnitts und der weiche Stoff macht das ganze natürlich noch besser. Vielleicht mache ich es etwas enger beim nächsten Mal, aber ansonsten mag ich es sehr!
Ich entschied mich die Brusttasche wegzulassen, da die Platzierung ein wenig merkwürdig aussah und ich am Anfang ein wenig Probleme mit der Doppelnadel hatte.

Megan Nielsen's pattern are always really great and fun to sew and this one was quite easy like the Kelly skirt, even though the knits I choose were very light-weight and slipery. But I managed as you can see. ;) Maybe the darling ranges dress next?

Megan Nielsens Schnittmuster sind immer eine Freude zu nähen und dieses hier war auch so leicht wie der Kelly Rock. Wie man sieht habe ich es trotz des leichten, rutschigen Jerseys einigermaßen gut hinbekommen.;) Vielleicht mach ich gleich das Darling Ranges Kleid hinterher

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Stoffmarkt Leipzig

Last friday the first fabric market in our city took place, which means a lot of fabric sellers sell their fabrics and notions on a big marketplace once or twice a year. I heard and read about it on several blogs, but the travelling fabric market never came near my city.
Which apparently changed in 2014.
And it was great, the fabrics cost almost half of the usual price and I bought a lot of 2-metres-pieces for a reduced price as well. Some of the fabrics were to childish to my eyes, but I guess a lot of mums found what they were looking for. I choose mostly neutral colors with subtle and not so subtle patterns.
Here is what I got:

Letzten Freitag war ich auf dem ersten Stoffmarkt in Leipzig, der auch insgesamt mein erster Stoffmarkt war. Ich hatte schon auf anderen Blogs darüber gelesen und war sehr gespannt, was mich denn erwarten würde.
Unglaublich viele Stoffe gab es zwar, doch vieles war mir einfach zu bunt und eher für Kinder gedacht. Jedoch waren die Stoffe die ich gekauft hatte wesentlich günstiger als im Leipziger Stoffladen und so habe ich weitaus weniger ausgegeben, als ich gedacht hatte. Ich weiß leider nicht genau was für Stoffe es jeweils sind, weil mal wieder nichts auf den Rollen stand, aber naja...hier ist was ich erbeuten konnte:

The first ones are all wovens, which have a lovely drape and are super soft.The dark blue one is 100% cotton, but about the rest, I have no idea!

Die ersten vier sind gewebte Stoffe, die alle sehr schön weich sind und super fallen. Der dunkelblaue Stoff besteht aus 100% Baumwolle,aber bei dem Rest weiß ich wie schon gesagt die Zusammensetzung nicht. Aus einem der Stoffe möchte ich auf jeden Fall einen Tellerrock machen. Mal schauen, was aus den anderen wird.

And those two are some kind of knitfabric, I think it's viscose-jersey. I hope Paprikapatterns releases its skirtpattern soon, because I think the petrol colored fabric is perfect for that one.

Und diese beiden sind wahrscheinlich Viskose-jerseys, zumindest fühlen sie sich so an. Ich hoffe das Paprikapatterns bald ihr Rockmuster herausbringen, der petrol-farbende Stoff wär perfekt dafür!

I hope the fabric market will come twice a year from now on, I will definitely buy more farbic next time.And a "little" hint, what I will sew next:

Ich hoffe der Markt kommt öfters nach Leipzig, ansonsten muss ich wohl doch nach Berlin, um meine Eltern zu besuchen und auf die dortigen Märkte zu gehen.;)Und ein kleiner Hinweis, was ich als nächstes Nähen werde:

Monday, 3 February 2014

Finished: Renfrew Shirt

Pattern: Renfrew Top by Sewaholic
Fabric: Some middleweight 100% cotton knit from the local fabric store

It seems to be a thing to give your sewing machine a name, probably for calling it bad names when it had eaten all your fabric again or the bobbin runs out of thread. On the other hand it might be for announcing how smooth your last sewing adventure went together. I never named my sewing machine, mostly because it was just a thing for me when I bought it. I had no idea about what I wanted exactly in a sewing machine so I just decided on one that could sew thick layers of fabric and had good reviews. But I might need to reconsider, because some days ago I figured out something awesome about it:

Es scheint heutzutage unter Näherinnen Tradition zu sein, seiner Nähmaschine einen Namen zu geben. Wahrscheinlich um sie zu beschimpfen, wenn man sich darüber ärgert, dass sie mal wieder den ganzen Stoff eingesogen hat oder die Spule kurz vor Ende leer wird. Andererseits kann man sich natürlich auch bei ihr bedanken, wenn das letzte Nähabenteuer zusammen mit ihr so gut verlaufen ist. Nachdem ich meine Maschine gekauft hatte, war sie einfach nur ein elektrisches Gerät für mich. Ich hatte keine Ahnung, was ich genau wollte, deswegen suchte ich mir einfach eine aus, die viele Stofflagen nähen kann und gute Kritiken hatte. Aber vielleicht muss ich das nochmal überdenken, denn vor ein paar Tagen habe ich etwas großartiges über meine Maschine herausgefunden:

Knits are suuuuper easy to sew with that machine. Why? Well, it has a straight stretch stitch!

Jersey ist mit meiner Nähmaschine super einfach zu nähen! Warum? Na, weil sie einen geraden Dehn-Stich hat!

Sewing knits is like sewing every other garment because of that, how convenient! I actually tried out other stitches like the normal zig-zag or the stretch-zig-zag, but when you stretch them a lot, you can see the thread lurking between the two layers, so I went with the straight one and had no problems. A ballpoint needle(/twin needle) and the stretchstitch was everything I needed.

Aufgrund dieses praktischen Stiches ist Jersey-nähen nicht viel schwerer als andere Stoffe, sehr praktisch! Ich habe natürlich erstmal Zickzackstiche getestet, aber wenn man die Nähte dehnte, sah man die Fäden zwischen den Stofflagen. Also nahm ich einfach den Dehnstich und hatte keine Probleme, das einzige was ich zusätzlich brauchte war eine Jerseynadel.

The pattern was also very straightforward. I cut a 4 at the bust and graded it down to 0 at the waist and hip. It rides a bit up at the bust, so I might need a FBA or just take a bigger size next time. I also took in the arms a little bit, as my forearms are very slim. I need to colourblock it as I hadn't enough fabric of the grey and blue one. I had bought them from the remnant section, which wasn't a problem, as i had planned to try colorblocking anyway. I made some mistakes though, mostly because I was tired (cutting mistakes with the colourblocking) or didn't pay enough attention: I attached one sleeve the wrong way around so the seam-allowance was on the right side of the fabric. Which wasn't so good, because unpicking the seam might destroy the fabric a bit. But I was lucky, and it was all fine in the end.

Der Schnitt war auch recht unkompliziert. Ich schnitt Größe 4 an der Brust und 0 an der Hüfte und der Taille. Ich brauche wahrscheinlich ein FBA oder nehme einfach eine Größe größer an der Brust beim nächsten Mal. Außerdem habe ich die Ärmel ein bisschen verschmälert, weil meine Unterarme recht dünn sind.Ich entschied mich bzw wurde ich durch die Stoffgröße gezwungen, das Shirt farblich zu unterteilen, da die Stoffe aus der Restkiste kamen und nicht komplett gereicht hätten. Ich habe zwar einige kleinere Fehler gemacht (müde sollte man eben nicht in den Stoff schneiden)und einmal den Ärmel falschherum angenäht, aber ich hatte Glück und alles sah gut aus am Ende.

I topstitched the seam allowance down with a twin needle, instead of a normal needle and zigzag, because I liked that better when I saw lladybird's version.
This is a great pattern and I'm definitely hooked on sewing with knits now! So easy!

Die Nahtzugabe habe ich mit einer Zwillingsnadel abgesteppt, anstatt wie in der Anleitung empfohlen den Zickzackstich zu nehmen.Ich fand es einfach schöner, nachdem ich die Version von lladybird gesehen hatte.
Das Renfrew-top ist ein tolles Muster und ich habe definitiv Lust mehr mit Jersey zu nähen!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Colors in my wardrobe

Last week I discovered "The wearability project"-blog by Eléonore from Deer and Doe and thought it was quite interesting. It's about organizing and analysing your wardrobe, so you actually wear what you have and sew what you would wear.

I don't have a cupboard for my clothes so everything is stuffed into this one ikea dresser. My boyfriend and I both hate that so we want to build a better solution this year. But the current dresser situation also means I don't really have an overview of what my wardrobe contains of. As I usually work from home and only need to wear something comfortable I pick clothes that lay on top and the clothes on the bottom are collecting dust over time.

So I took out all my clothes:

That is basically what I wear most of the time depending on the season. Shorts and skirts are mostly worn in summer, jeans are more of a winter thing for me. I also prefer jeans when I go out with our dog. I already got rid of some of the tops(not shown here) as well as some skirts because one: they were really old and two: I didn't like to wear them anymore because of horrible fit.

When I looked over the photos I realized I own a lot (!) of knits, they are just so easy to handle and comfy. So I decided to get over this stupid hesitation to sew with knits and buy some:

The first two are 100% cotton knit and the ones below are made out of viscose, which drapes really lovely. Although I haven't figured out yet if it's interlock, double knit...I have no idea.
I might try a renfrew or plantain with the cotton ones and a Briar top or Selja tee with the ones below. But first I should practise with some scraps to figure it all out.

Another thing Elénore talked about was color. I was always a bit hesitant to wear more vibrant colors, so I took a photo of mine, which had the skintones right and painted over it with colors to test, which ones where okay and which looked awful. This is what I came up with:

Yellows apparently don't work with my complexion, which is a pity as I love mustard- or sun-yellows. With some colors I'm not sure, they might work in small amounts, so I added a maybe-category. It's interesting to know that, since I tend to buy fabric that I think is pretty, but in the end doesn't work well together with my hair and skintone. Well, hopefully I have some time this week to test some knit-sewing!

Monday, 20 January 2014

My first trousers! Okay: shorts.

Right now, we don't have much sunshine where I live. The sky is constantly dark or grey, so trying to take good photos inside is practically impossible. These are as good as it gets. I'll probably should have waited for a sunny day, but I'm so proud of these shorts, I want to show them to you.

Pattern: Chataigne by Deer and Doe
Fabric: wool (purchased locally)+ some cheap lining fabric
costs: around 11€

The shorts are labeled for beginners, so I wondered if I would be able to sew them. As per other bloggers, trousers are usually complicated to fit, so I was a bit afraid of failing. I started cutting a size 36 in cheap fabric to test the fit, which was perfect at my waist but totally off everywhere else: too large at the crotch and at the hips. As I'm not very experienced with fitting trousers, I had to figure it out all by myself. The crotch problem was fixed by shortening the back and front piece by a few centimeters which shortened the pockets as well. The hips would actually not be hard as well, but I decided to pin the excess away when sewing the real shorts and not redraw the pattern.

Sewing them was not too hard, the only thing that caused me some trouble was the triangle in the front, but after I've consulted my awesome new sewing book, I nailed it!( You have no idea how relieved I was when I managed it, it's all visible in the front after all!)All the other things like the zipper and waistband I had done before when I've sewn the Claudia Skirt, so no problems there.

But...oh...all this fraying! It was crazy. And it didn't get any better when I decided to line the complete shorts with the same fabric as for the pockets to hide the inside, which meant a lot of slipping in and outside of the shorts. But the lining constructions worked rather well, even though I figured it all out on the go as I obviously had never lined pants before. I just raised the crotchline a bit for the lining piece and shortened the length of the legs so the lining wouldn't be visible from the outside.

I'm quite happy with them!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Deer and Doe: Datura and Chataigne

As a freelance illustrator, I don't have a steady paycheck, so when I get paid for an illustration I usually allow myself, I can use some of this money for things that make me happy. At the time sewing is becoming an activity that I really like besides drawing, so I bought some patterns from Deer and Doe, a little french sewing pattern company, the shorts Chataigne and the Datura blouse amongst others.I bought them directly from the Deer and Doe shop and they arrived very fast.

I've been working on my Chataigne for the past couple of weeks whenever I had a few hours free time that I could dedicate to sewing . But I'm not quite finished yet and sew very slow and careful, therefor it will probably take a few more Sundays to finish it.

I usually draw a lot of bright happy illustrations, but I really wanted to draw something more mysterious for these pattern, I can't really say why.

Friday, 10 January 2014

"Alles selbst genäht" or "The Complete Guide to Sewing"

Look, what I got in the mail today!

Some might recognize it because of the cover, it's the German version of "The Complete Guide to Sewing"(Reader's Digest)! And not one of the new ones who don't seem to be good anymore, it's the 500 pages edition from 1978! Wohooo!

I was looking for a good sewing book, but wasn't conviced by the ones I've found, but when Morgan from Thread Theory was gushing about this book and especially the old version, I needed it. So I've searched and searched, but only found some for expensive prices. I was ready to give up when I thought that there might be a German edition and maybe it's not as rare as the English one. Unfortunately it was also rare, but I got lucky and found one for 30€. Which is nothing for a hard to find 500 pages book!
It's in pretty good shape and really seems to be a complete guide. I will look through it in the evening, but from what I've seen so far every step is well explained and illustrated (Yay!).

I hope I can improve my sewing a bit now and don't feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

Pattern: Wiksten Tank by Wiksten
Fabric: "Cosmic Blue" by Atelier Brunette

And... I'm still busy, busy, busy.
But I saved one day before Christmas for sewing something again, so I decided to finish the Wiksten Tank that I started and had so much trouble with. After trying probably every way to do a neckline and watching several videos, I came to the conclusion that it might be a combination of the new angle of the neckline and my body measurements that concludes in the gaping. So I let it be and just finished the armholes and the hem. And to be honest, it's okay. Not perfect, but wearable.

I love the Kelly Skirt by the way! I wore it a lot during the holidays, it's just so comfy and easy to wear.