Friday, 10 January 2014

"Alles selbst genäht" or "The Complete Guide to Sewing"

Look, what I got in the mail today!

Some might recognize it because of the cover, it's the German version of "The Complete Guide to Sewing"(Reader's Digest)! And not one of the new ones who don't seem to be good anymore, it's the 500 pages edition from 1978! Wohooo!

I was looking for a good sewing book, but wasn't conviced by the ones I've found, but when Morgan from Thread Theory was gushing about this book and especially the old version, I needed it. So I've searched and searched, but only found some for expensive prices. I was ready to give up when I thought that there might be a German edition and maybe it's not as rare as the English one. Unfortunately it was also rare, but I got lucky and found one for 30€. Which is nothing for a hard to find 500 pages book!
It's in pretty good shape and really seems to be a complete guide. I will look through it in the evening, but from what I've seen so far every step is well explained and illustrated (Yay!).

I hope I can improve my sewing a bit now and don't feel like I don't know what I'm doing anymore.


  1. Wow, that's awesome you found a German version! I hope you'll find your copy as useful as I've found mine so far. :)

  2. Great book. I sew and illustrate, too. Fun stuff, eh?

  3. I have this!! (in Enlish) I inherited it from my mum :)