Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Deer and Doe: Datura and Chataigne

As a freelance illustrator, I don't have a steady paycheck, so when I get paid for an illustration I usually allow myself, I can use some of this money for things that make me happy. At the time sewing is becoming an activity that I really like besides drawing, so I bought some patterns from Deer and Doe, a little french sewing pattern company, the shorts Chataigne and the Datura blouse amongst others.I bought them directly from the Deer and Doe shop and they arrived very fast.

I've been working on my Chataigne for the past couple of weeks whenever I had a few hours free time that I could dedicate to sewing . But I'm not quite finished yet and sew very slow and careful, therefor it will probably take a few more Sundays to finish it.

I usually draw a lot of bright happy illustrations, but I really wanted to draw something more mysterious for these pattern, I can't really say why.


  1. I like very much your illustration ! it's really beautiful.

  2. I think your illustrations are wonderful & so lovely to see interpretations of the pattern designs.