Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fabric confusion

Despite sewing a few hours this week, I don't have anything to show yet.Because I'm a bit unsure about fabric choices right now, I just started on making muslins of some patterns (Datura, Belladone) that I bought to practise the techniques and check the fit.
I'm also trying my hands on making a sloper, so this involves some math and making muslins, but so far I only did two muslins and the last one fits quite well already. It's actually more fun than I would have expected. You learn a lot about your body and how patterns actually work and additionally I have to sew a lot of darts, which is good practise too.

But for the sake of an actual project I decided to sew the Darling Ranges dress first, because after the briar I'm really in love with Megans patterns. I plan on making the sleeveless version with the dart cluster at the waist maybe. But I can't really decide on the fabric. I definitely want to use this blue on with the white dots from my visit to the fabric market, but I'm not sure if I should use it for the whole dress or only for the skirt part to present the bodice details better as they will get lost in the first version?

What do you guys think? Version 1 or version 2?