Friday, 2 May 2014

Comox trunks

Well, I actually wanted to show you the dress before the end of April, but of course I wasn't able to finish it until then.But the only things which are still missing are the hem and the buttons, so not too much to do.

But I did finish something that month and I took part in my first sewalong as well: the Comox trunks Sewalong by Thread Theory! I love the pattern, it's exactly what my boyfriend wears, so I was very excited to sew them up for him. I had some troubles in finding the right elastic, I bought two that were not right, but then I found a German seller who sells leftovers from underwear production, so the grey one is perfect.

I made some changes after my first version with the help of Morgan: I chose a smaller size, took out a bit of fabric on the back piece and lenghtened the legs so they wouldn't slide up so easily. But there is actually not much more to say about it. It's such an easy project and the perfect shorts pattern!

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  1. Great trunks! I'm glad it was such a simple project for you :) I love the illustration! Would I be able to buy a PDF of it to print and hang on our Thread Theory inspiration wall?