Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Liebster Award

I'm a bit late, but Sew Cro and quilt and the lovely Lindsay from Design by Lindsay nominated me for the Liebster Award, so I want to answer their questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
- I blogged my illustrations before I blogged the garments, but it's besically the same reason, I wanted to show them to people. ;) I very much enjoy seeing the garments of other people, so I wanted to be part of the community.Unfortunately I started sewing/blogging in a very busy year, so I can't sew as regularily as I would like to.

2. What's one sewing fear that you've overcome (knits, zippers, etc.)?
- I don't really have a fear of something, because I usually try everything without really thinking too much about it. So I managed to sew zippers and knits etc. But I weirdly enough never used elastic for the waist of a dress, although I always wanted to try that, because it looks very convenient. So I want to overcome that soon!

3. What type of garment is your favorite to sew? Is it also your favorite type of garment to wear?
- I haven't sewn much yet, but the most fun were the chataigne shorts and I really like to wear them. But I probably like to wear my knit garments more,as I work from home and like it comfortable. But the knit I used for my briar was unfortunately not the best, so I have to find good knit fabrics first, before I sew more items.

4. Do you prefer sewing with indie patterns or traditional patterns?
- I only worked with indie patterns, so I can't say anything to traditional ones. I like that the indie patterns have good instructions, so I could learn while sewing.

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?
- I like northern countries, so I want to go to Iceland and Scotland. Luckily I will go to Iceland this autumn!

Sew Cro and Quilt:

1.What is your favorite sewing style?
- modern?

2.What are you favorite colours (yes, you may post more than one)?
- ruby and neutrals like grey and black

3.What type of sewing machine(s) do you have?
- I have a Janome 525S, but the automatic button hole doesn't work. :(

4.If you could live in any era which would you choose?
- a little french cottage with a big garden in the countryside, haha.

5.Who is your current fav garment designer?
-I don't have one.

6.What is your favorite sewing technique?
hmmmm.... I can say what my least favorite thing to sew is: bias tape bindings.
Oh but I like french seams! So easy and so tidy!

7.How did you begin to sew?
I just started it one day, bought a sewing machine and a pdf pattern from the internet and tried it.

8.What item have you sewn that you heart the most?
Again, my chataigne shorts!

9.List your favorite pattern makers.
Megan Nielsen, Deer and doe... and I still want to make something by papercut patterns.

10.Where is your go-to for fabric?
Haven't found it yet.

11.Do you have a Pinterest account and please share?
No I don't have it yet. Maybe in the future!

I don't have new nominations because all of the ones I like already were nominated, but you can check out the lovely sewing blogs in the sidbar. ->
I like them all, they make such beautiful garments!

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