Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Finished: The Nascha Mini Skirt

I got my machine back!

I have no idea what the sewing machine guys did with it, but I works so well again. Oddly enough... I can sew slower than I could before. I'm not complaining though, it's nice to have a little more control.

On to the Nascha Mini skirt, in grey as you probably already figured out because of my illustration two days ago!
The pattern is from the company Named from Finland run by two sisters, which should be well known by now. I bought one of their patterns before but didn't find a good jersey to sew with. But when I saw their new patterns I definitely fell in love with the Wenona shirt and this little Miniskirt called Nascha.

Unfortunately I haven't found any other bloggers who sewed this skirt yet... I usually like to read experiences other people had with a pattern so I can decide if I'am able to do this. But I took the jump and didn't regret it. I think this is a very cool basic, very flattering skirt pattern.

During the construction process of the toile I've run into some trouble, because I missunderstood the constructions a little bit. It was a Friday evening when I wrote an email to the sisters of Named and I immediately got a response on Saturday. It was weekend after all, so I didn't expect them to respond to customers so early. But they were super friendly and helpful, so a big thumbs up for that!

After that it took a while until I could find the time to sew again and I did want to take my time to do everthing right and neat. Everyday I sewed around 1-3 steps of the construction process until I finished it and I'm super proud of the final garment! It's not perfect as this was my first exposed zipper, but I love it anyway.

The fabric and the lining were both from one of those annual fabric markets, so I don't know exactly what they're made of. The lining is acetat, but feels very nice nevertheless. It also has a subtle stripe pattern which I like a lot.

I sewed a size 34 but made some alterations: I added 1 cm in the center back to give some more room for my booty,added 1cm of length to the front dart and also used a 16cm long zipper because I couldn't find a 15cm long one unfortunately. The whole zipper insertion was very fiddly I have to admit. Invisible zippers are no problem but exposed ones are not the easiest to insert when the rest of the skirt is already sewn together and doesn't really want to lie flat on the table. It looks a bit wonky but I managed as you can see.

I do want to try and sew this pattern again, but maybe in a lovely color that's not so grey and next time I will probably use an invisible zipper...or practise exposed zippers to be awesome at them some day!